Site Launch!

Hi, hello! This is me making a casual introduction. I haven’t used WordPress in a few years and was taken aback by new(ish) graphics and templates… I’m excited to be blogging about writing again! It’s been four years since I’ve written seriously, but that’s four years of experience (and motherhood – what’s the fancy French word for “twice”?).

Here are some things I’m working on:

  • Writing a novel based in central Pennsylvania, where I grew up, that I’m super excited about!
  • Scrubbing clean (real clean) two separate first drafts of NaNoWriMo novels (2012 + 2016)
  • Working on a short story to submit to Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition
  • Establishing a local writers group
  • Running 365 miles this year
  • Writing personalized stories for each of my children

I’m excited to meet and read about other indie writers, so if you follow me, I’d love to follow you back! 🙂



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