7 Miles

With scary warmer weather lately (it’s only February, dagnabbit!) I’ve been in the mood to run longer and harder. Though it did chill down considerably from yesterday’s 66 degrees, so I didn’t want to run outside in all those puddles in my new *sigh* Nike Free Runs. 😌 They’re beautiful, and look like they were designed by Lisa Frank herself, all pinks and purples and blues… Like I’m wearing shoes made from unicorns. 🦄

So I ran on the treadmill. I used to feel self-conscious about running for so long on the treadmill (why? I have no clue), but the treadmill locks you out after an hour. I ran my first 5-miles in an hour, took a two minute water break and finished the last two miles. Easy peasy! I enjoy breaking up runs like that. I listened to the latest episode of This American Life and the I Should Be Writing podcast, which is a new one for me. I used to only listen to heart pumping pop music or Zumba tracks while I ran, but now I’m all about Ira Glass and his sweet, nasally voice. I enjoy running so much more now, listening to a riveting story than trying to choreograph my own music videos in my head…

So next Thursday, I’m planning 8-miles. I wonder if I should download an audiobook though. There are plenty of classics that I always pass over to read for modern stories. Maybe that would be a keen way to sneak in a dose of classic literature…

Ah, I have to write tonight. I was up at 5:30 this morning and wrote about 400 words, which is good for me. Usually I’m reaching over a sleepy nursing baby to type a sentence here and there, or trying to (lovingly) think over my 4-year old’s constant prattling. I write when I can, but that means I’m the first to rise and the usually the last to bed. I get by on six hours though. Not too shabby!

I should be working on my short story submission, ehhh… So I suppose I should go do that! Toodles!



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