Hallelujah, It’s Raining!

Oh man! It was storming just a little bit ago, and it was perfect. It put my daughter right to sleep. I laid with her for a little while, just enjoying the quiet. Once I was able to roll away, I was able to finish the first draft of a short story I began in the middle of last week. I’m going to give it a day, really polish it up, and I’m hoping to submit it to either of two competitions I have my eye on. I’ve never submitted to a writing competition [as a grown up] before, and it’s exciting to think that I finally have a story idea worth finishing and submitting.

It had been almost four years since I stopped writing, before I picked it up again this past November. I don’t know why I stopped, besides having kids. It’s interesting to see how my voice has matured and how my experiences are coming through the writing. It’s less spastic, more subdued. Words flow faster. And they could be smoother. I have a list of skills I have to work on, definitely.

This afternoon, I’ll take some time to work on my novel, which so far involves estranged families and fairies. This is the first time I’ve outlined a book, and filling in between the bullet points (well, between the rows of an Excel spreadsheet) has been exhausting. I’m worried I’m not pacing myself right. I look forward to editing this monster. I hope by the time I finish it, we have a working printer. It irks me to think about editing without a physical copy. I finally have a nice set of pens, so I’m going to enjoy marking the hell out of it.

Okay. Enough blogging. I should start folding laundry.



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