I haven’t written in days. First, it was that I signed up for and got sucked into my mother’s side of the family that has (and still remains) mysterious to me. Whereas, it took me two hours to trace my Dad’s side to the 1300s, I can’t even figure out who my maternal’s great-grandfather is. All I have are initials and a last name and an approximate year of death. It’s driving me crazy!

I did find my maternal grandfather’s yearbook photo! His nickname was “Needles” because he was so skinny, apparently. Ha!

Then I’ve been having trouble getting up early and going to bed on time. I need to make a change. I need to sit down and make a plan. Camp Nanowrimo begins in April, so the time to plan is now.

Today, I think I’ll work on a writing prompt. Just something to warm me up.



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