We made an offer on a house.

I am so nervous. The whole process baffles me and fills me with anxiety. I’ve been dreaming about houses lately, and they’re always strange on the outside, but full of potential on the inside. Like the one last night was just a pile of cinder blocks. But when the realtor showed us the inside I was like “oh yeah, I can make a home here.”

Really, I can make a home anywhere. I can make the best of any situation. But this house we saw the other day, and made an offer on yesterday – I really, really want.

I’m working on a writing prompt from Writer’s Digest about Mother’s Day and I couldn’t help but have it as the setting. I just want to fantasize living in this house! But then again I’m afraid of wanting it too much, which was what happened last time when we made an offer on what would have been a perfect house (location, rooms, office space, wood floors, beautiful exterior – sigh), but it fell through after we paid someone to inspect it. A huge bummer.

This house comes with more challenges, but – BUT it comes with an in ground pool and a sunroom to write and drink coffee in and a fenced in yard with a beautifully already established garden! The exterior needs work, but I can’t wait to work with it. In reality, I didn’t want a finished product. I want a house to make our own, to mold to our own liking.

The only issue is that it is just over our current town line and into the next town, so Brandon wasn’t so sure he wanted to do it. But for this price it is better than anything we could do in our current town. His mother seems to think we could still keep Henry in his current school since he’s already established (it’s a bit competitive to get in there – that’s why all the new houses on the market were getting snatched up!). I’m hoping she’s right. I would hate to tear Henry away from all his friends. We are literally just past the town line.

I can’t stop looking at DIY and home decor/renovating blogs. I want to get started!



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