It’s uncanny how my daughter knows the moment I stop procrastinating and actually sit down to write during her nap. I just set down a bowl of sliced grapes on the coffee table to distract her so I can fill in my – yes – 100 word quota for the day.

Little tiny baby steps.

I’m hoping that once we move into our house (!!!) at the end of the month, I’ll be able to carve out a space and time to sit down and work. Right now it seems impossible. I keep telling myself that the answer to all my problems is giving my daughter her own room. Right now she’s sleeping with Brandon and I, while Henry sleeps in his own room. I tried to bunk them together, but I think the age difference makes it difficult. Once I have a quiet place to get Shosh used to regularly scheduled bed time routines again, I’ll be free.

I’ve gotten better at sneaking away from her on the bed or the couch so I can catch up on the dishes or make coffee and read, but, I swear, she knows when I sit down to write.

So, for now, I’ll manage 100 words–even if it’s updating this thing.



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