Life Update

The house didn’t work out! But we’re a little relieved. It wasn’t where we really wanted to be, my son would have had to change schools, and while having a pool would be cool… It would be too stressful with my 18-month old daughter and then also having to take care of it. Oh well! We’re out of our apartment though and in with Brandon’s parents until we figure out our next steps. Either finding an apartment or saving for the summer.

I’m taking this time to read more, write more, spend more quality time with the kids. Honestly, it’s just been a relief getting out of that apartment. I look forward to when we have a house and there’s no one thundering around upstairs or we can paint the walls or the kids can have their own rooms or when shit breaks we won’t have to depend on someone else to (not) fix it or no one breathing down our necks about keeping up with the lawn.

Anyway, Camp NaNoWriMo started yesterday, and I didn’t get to sit down and write, but I spent some time this morning preparing for it! I’m working on the “passion project” I started last year that fizzled out around 25,000 words. I’m hoping to finish it at 50,000 words or more this month. If you’re participating too, find me!



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