50 Things I am Afraid of:

(Inspired by an episode a few weeks ago on NPR’s This American Life.)

  1. Escalators
  2. Serial killers
  3. Basements
  4. Acknowledging that we all die
  5. Not knowing when we will die
  6. Not being remembered
  7. Crossing busy roads and intersections
  8. Making eye contact too long or not long enough
  9. My children choking and I forget how to do the Heimlich
  10. Editing my writing
  11. Dying in a mass shooting
  12. Donald Trump
  13. Conservative friends and relatives
  14. Seeing, spending time with my father
  15. Never finishing anything I’m working on
  16. Letting trichotillomania take over my life
  17. My hair not growing back
  18. Counting calories the rest of my life
  19. Being addicted to screens
  20. Not reading everything on my reading list
  21. My children growing up the way I did
  22. Being raped or sexually assaulted
  23. Being tortured
  24. My children suffering
  25. Infidelity
  26. Living a life without love
  27. Having to give up gluten or becoming diabetic
  28. Not being able to physically move (ex: running, dancing, swimming, going for long walks, etc.)
  29. Losing my mind and faculties
  30. Having to confront someone
  31. Being asked personal questions
  32. Breaking bones
  33. Being in excruciating pain
  34. Rolling over in a car accident
  35. Being swiped by a semi-truck
  36. Falling off a bridge and drowning
  37. No one reading my work
  38. Climate change
  39. Waking up past 8 AM
  40. Getting more or less of 6 hours of sleep
  41. Having to work a third shift job again
  42. Being filled with anxiety the rest of my life
  43. Going viral for a bad reason
  44. Going viral for a good reason
  45. Never living outside of Wisconsin again
  46. Getting into a physical altercation
  47. Being hit on in a bar
  48. Being hit on at a bus stop
  49. Dying in a stupid way
  50. The way the brain can sabotage itself

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